REEF-React Advanced Calcium Reactors


  • High performance, professional calcium reactors
  • CNC precision engineered, and manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • Compact, space saving design with integral pump, CO2 bubble counter and pH probe holder
  • Integral bubble counter enables easy, measurable dosing of CO2 to the calcium reactor
  • Full range of spares available
  • pH probe holder accepts all standard size pH probes and enables the calcium reactor to be used in conjunction with a pH monitor or controller for more advanced aquarium set ups
  • REEF-React 300 has a “hang on” design, allowing it to be conveniently positioned on the back or side of any aquarium or sump
  • REEF-React 500 is for in sump use ONLY

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REEF-React 300

Suitable for aquariums up to 300 litres (media volume =900ml/0.9kg)
(code: 9611)

REEF-React 500

Suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres (media volume =1.5L/1.5kg)
(code: 9612)

*media volume based on coarse coral gravel